Website Design

The web design include web graphic design, interface design, user experience design, and search engine optimization. Web design is normally used to describe the design process relating to the front-end (client side) design of a website including writing mark up. WebBeta understands the power of creating a strong brand. Your website is often the first impression a potential customer sees. WebBeta creates professionally built websites with exceptional appeal, strong brand messaging and search engine friendly architecture to successfully establish your online presence.


Multipurpose Websites

Static Website is one of the most successful ways to exhibit your products and services online. Along with being cost effective, it’s a wide-spreading and quite efficient form of promotion. In simple terms, designing a static website requires minimum HTML coding and script, which makes it a simple, yet remarkable package for new businesses and individuals.

Simple website with easy creation and hosting.
Not as expensive as a dynamic website.
Images, brochures, and other information can be quickly downloaded.
Each page of this website is easily editable.
Web Layout is easily changeable.

A Dynamic website is required for content such as online databases, e-business, collaborative content, membership, private areas, knowledge base, a resume or jobs database, online shopping site etc. A dynamic web page is any web page which has content that is changed by a program or script at the time the page is requested.

Easy to add and manage content.

Usually favored by search engines as content can be updated frequently

Ensures that visitors are provided with an enhanced experience.

Integration of advanced features like shopping cart, payment gateway.
Easy accomplishment of complex tasks like presentation of customized sales information, multiple products display, estimation and quoting



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